Sunday, 26 January 2014

Jesus, the Light of the World

The 1st reading (Is 8:23-9:3) and the Gospel (4:12-23) speak that "the people that lived in darkness has seen a great light.”

Light is such an important thing that God created it even before He created heaven and earth. Once light began to exist, many good things followed it. If you look around us, we find that light helps us in many ways. 

In contrast to the light is darkness. Night and darkness are times of sleep. Nothing grows in darkness. If it is dark too long, everything dies. We also refer to darkness as a time of sin, the time of evildoing, the time of Satan. We feel uneasy and afraid in times of darkness.

The darkness of Paganism, ignorance of the true nature of God has been expelled forever by the coming of the Son of God as the Light of the World.

"The Lord is our Light and our help" and whoever  follows Him will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

Psalms: "Hope in him, hold firm and take heart.
Hope in the Lord!" (Ps 26:24)

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Point People toward Jesus

Seeing Jesus coming towards him, John said, "Look, there is the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world," (John 1:29).

Jesus is always coming toward us, too. If we are going to be a proper witness, we must recognise who we are not. We are not the Messiah. We are not the great prophet. We need to remember that we are not Jesus. We are not God. We are only witnesses. We are voices. We are to get people ready, to prepare them, to make their path straight. We must point people to Jesus.
The role of every Christian life is to point people toward Christ. As individuals and as a community, we are called to show God’s love and mercy to the world. We are chosen to continue this saving work, which Christ began, and to be part of this mission. Our response today is, “Here am I, Lord, I come to the will.”

Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Baptism of the Lord Jesus

Today, we commemorate the baptism of Our Lord. The Church teaches that when Jesus was baptised the Sacrament of Baptism was instituted. When we receive this sacrament, we enter into the Church and receive a call to our personal vocation. We truly become members of the family of God.  

The Church teaches us that Baptism is the most important of all of the sacraments.  Baptism is the gateway through which we enter into the Church community.  No one can receive any of the other sacraments without first being baptised. That is why the day when a person is baptized is more important than when a person is ordained as a priest or bishop. 

In Baptism we are given a share in the mission of Christ. We are to open our eyes and free our hearts by how we witness Christ in this predominantly Malay-Muslims country. No force. No shouting. No criticism. No demonstration. No protest. Our constant life of gentleness, kindness and love will free us to practice our faith. Thus, our baptism is dynamic; it points back to the work of God in us and forward to the life of faith. 

 “This is my Son, the Beloved. My favour rests on Him," (Mt 3:17).

Friday, 10 January 2014

The Word "ALLAH" Has Been Used Since 1900

Yesterday, I received an old Malay prayer book from an old parishioner which was printed in Penang, 19th May, 1900. 

When I browsed through it, there were a few places in which the word "ALLAH" appeared. So it is apparent that Christians have been are using the word "ALLAH" in all their printing materials, prayers and preaching for more than a century now.

Many Muslim Scholars and Imams have no objections for Christians to use the Word "ALLAH". Why then must some Muslims go against the Christians in this issue? To these few - If you are not sure of your faith and the terminology of the word "ALLAH" then please do not confuse others and don't confuse yourselves. 

Monday, 6 January 2014

We Must Devote Ourselves to Christ!

Today, we are celebrating Epiphany Sunday. The word “wise men” is actually “Magi” from which we get our English word “magician”. But they were not magicians. The word “Magi” in those days referred to those who were experts in the workings of the things in heavens, and the study of the stars.

What truly makes them wise men?

These three wise men made a decision to find out “The King of the Jews”. This decision was based on their studies, and the information that they had available to them - Stars, Science  and Scripture.

You and I have much more information in these present days than these wise men did. We have the word of God. The scripture is readily available to us. It is preached and taught but have we been wise enough today to decide to come to Christ.

We must devote ourselves to Christ. We must worship Christ. We must give ourselves to Christ.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Use of the Word "Allah"

Dr Mahathir said we, Christians are irritating ("menyakiti hati pihak lain") the others over the using of "Allah".

Jais has raided the Bible Society of Malaysia and carted away 300 copies of the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia and Iban this afternoon.

Umno veterans have asked our senior priest to convert to Islam if he insists on using “Allah”.

A coalition of Malay-Muslim groups announced today to have a rally at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Klang this Sunday morning over the insistence of Christians in the state to use the word ‘Allah’. 
1. We have failed with the system of democracy, liberalism and pluralism in Malaysia.
2. The Muslims are not ready to dialogue without any prejudice with the Non-Muslims in Malaysia.
3. Whatever the laws and articles have stated, in reality they do not provide peace, unity and freedom of religion in this country.
4. Who is exhibiting signs of intolerance and violence now?